Strong Relationships


At Credit Partners, we have strong ongoing relationships with senior people at our client sites. These relationships are built primarily on the provision of real-time market intelligence and research about their competitors and the introduction of top quality candidates that will allow them to win new business, increase returns and brand market share.


Quality Information


These two processes are closely linked. We speak to top quality candidates at other institutions on an ongoing basis to help us to get a picture of what is happening in the market, who is making money and how. In many cases we will be asked by a client to look for a person with a particular skill set at a particular level and in the meantime to gather information about the market.


Closing History


Our clients work with us not only because we are able to provide them with detailed information about their competitors and who the best people are but also because we are proud to have a 13 year track record in closing important credit related searches by being able to sell our clients, close the candidates and manage the process from start to finish.









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